Heart to Heart Counseling, LLC specializes in individual, couples and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Sarasota Florida.

Meet the team, and choose below, the right counselor for you:
April S. Lambert, LMFT


 -Owner and Founder of Heart to Heart 

- 15+ Years in practice

- MS in Counseling at California State     

   University, Fullerton ('93)

- License No. FL MT1908

I believe that every person has intrinsic value and thus should be treated with great respect and positive regard. My overall approach is based on this premise and this attitude is maintained throughout therapy. My approach is direct, open, and relational. I do not hesitate to offer concrete direction once trust has been earned. I consider the "whole" person in developing a treatment plan, which to me includes their personal and family history, physical and emotional health, and current relationship support. I believe that the best therapy leads the client (both individuals and couples) towards increased well being.  

Kara Bumgarner, LMHC


- 13 years in practice

- Argosy University / Sarasota ('08)

- License No. FL MH10745

I have been working in the mental health field since 1989 and in practice since 2008. It has been said "if you have a pulse, then you have problems." Grief, life transitions, marital issues, illness, and anxiety are just a few of the issues we might encounter in life. I am solution-focused and work to give you the tools necessary, to manage the problems in your life. I do not hesitate to give you direct feedback as you seek healing. My goal is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and empowering environment where you can deal with your pain and struggles and start living the life you desire.

Jennifer Wheat, LMFT


- 15+ Years in practice

- MS in Counselor Education at Indiana 

   University ('02) & Post-Graduate     

   Certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy       at Indian Wesley University ('04)

- License No. FL MT3610

There are times when the weight of our troubles is too much for us to carry alone. Life’s challenges and losses can sometimes lead to anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness and even despair. If you experience these things, the wise and courageous thing to do is ask for help. 

In our work together, I will integrate our Christian faith and value system along with evidence-based treatment strategies to help you move from hopelessness toward freedom and healing.

Michelle Rogers, LMHC


-15+ years in practice

- MA Mental Health & Counseling from Regent University Virginia Beach VA (95)

-License No. MH11929

I have a deep conviction in the reality of a compassionate God who is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. I am passionate about helping others to break free from destructive beliefs and unhealthy behaviors that rob them of joy. If you would like to learn more about me visit my website and blog at www.michellerogerslmhc.com

Stephanie Knight


-2 years experience

- MA in Counseling at

-National Louis University, Chicago IL (20)

-License No. IMH20690

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and none of us gets through life unscathed, and I am here to help you in whatever challenges you face. My goal is to help you develop and expand your life skills to overcome and thrive in your life. I chose this career because I believe it works--especially when the Lord is invited into the process. I am a highly empathetic person and am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. 

Nathan Groff, LCSW


- 3+ Years in practice

- MS in Social Work at University of South

   Florida ('14)      

- License No. FL SW14399

 I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has practiced in both community and private practice settings. Being adopted, I can provide a unique perspective in working with adoption and foster care families. I also believe that individuals do not wake up each morning wanting to be depressed, angry, anxious or carrying the weight of the past on their shoulders. I intend is to be a safe person who will offer you support, and help you reach your goals. 

Jasmine Klugh


- 5 Years in practice

- MA in Social Work at Spring Arbor University, Michigan ('17)

- Registered Intern No. FL ISW13207

I believe wholeheartedly that every single person deserves dignity and has immeasurable worth. I believe that growth and healing are achievable for everyone.” I specialize in working with youth from elementary school through college. I cam collaborative with parents and the entire family system. I have worked in a school setting to help students and their families work through academic & social stressors, bullying, behavior issues, and goal setting. I believe in tailoring my treatment -approach to the individual.

Lyndsie Cory


- 5 Years in practice

- MA at University of South Florida ('17)

- License No. FL IMT2729 & IMH16036

A key to mental health is to know and understand the truth about the circumstances of our lives, and to be able to share that reality with at least one other person. I am honored to provide a space for clients to share openly and deeply about what is contributing to their symptoms. I work collaboratively with clients who are motivated to create meaningful change and build quality relationships with the important people in their lives.